GREENBOX is an application (free to all our customers) through which you can manage all devices fromMobisat®. GREENBOX is available for PC and Smartphone from all major stores (Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store).

One App to rule them all ...

Thanks to GREENBOX you'll feel like you always have total control

Ease of use and powerful enough to handle hundreds of information with your thumb and locate any remote object in real time (vehicles, people, valuable shipments, parcels, luggage, etc.). The App is perfect for both private use and for large fleets with the ability of tracking a virtually unlimited number of objects on the map. The App offers an advanced reporting system with several reports downloadable in xls (with a 60 day archive).

GREENBOX introduces multiple innovations:

  • Algorithm Mobisat® RSTP (rock solid timing and positioning) for the faithful reconstruction of historic routes
  • push notifications for receiving theft alarms in real time along with dozens of different types of satellite alarms
  • Virtual dashboard allows the monitoring of any vehicle activity by giving the feeling of being at the wheel. The virtual dashboard will reproduce on your PC screen (or Smartphone) all the information visible on the vehicle's dashboard (ATLAS only)
  • Remote diagnostics for receiving real-time alerts concerning any electronic faults on board the vehicle (only for the product: ATLAS)
  • Algorithm Mobisat® GDS (Green Driving Score) for assessing your driving style based on exceeding speed limits in different road kinds

what about privacy?
GREENBOX has not that problem! Faithful to the philosophy of Mobisat®, as a service user you're the sole owner of your data, which you can delete at any time and without notice with 2 simple clicks.
Mobisat® uses sophisticated encryption services that comply with the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 and will never disclose your information.

GREENBOX works with all products bought from Mobisat®, it is a free App without service fees or subscriptions. Available for PC and Smartphone. For more information visit the faq page dedicated to the service.

  • Real-time satellite tracking
  • Tracking of vehicles, persons, objects, valuable shipments, etc.
  • Black box management
  • Analysis of remote objects activity
  • Satellite protection of vehicles, objects, people
  • Management of vehicle fleets and ground personnel
  • Remote diagnostics for vehicles


  • Track your car in real time (any vehicle, object or person) on Google Maps
  • Consult your route history on Google maps, with a 60 day archive of positions


  • Receive dozens of satellite alarms: theft, SOS, car crash, speed, geofence, unidentified driver, engine on/off, hard acceleration, sudden braking, skidding, a host of others
  • The alarms will arrive on your Smartphone as push notifications (just like WhatsApp messages)


  • Get a Green Driving Score and show it to your insurance company to get a discount on your policy
  • Innovative system for evaluating your driving style based on the number of times you exceed the speed limit in city driving, on ring roads or highways


  • Km covered
  • Driving time
  • Stopover times
  • Detailed report of trips
  • GDS (Green Driving Score)
  • Alarms report
  • Fuel report
  • Positions report

Remote diagnostics

  • Reporting of electronics faults on board the vehicle (only for the product: ATLAS)
  • Virtual dashboard with real-time information such as travel speed, accelerator pedal, engine speed, fuel level, odometer, etc. (ATLAS only)


  • Access the App via your favorite social account
  • Share your location or your routes on Facebook, Twitter and Google

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