FIND the Smartphone App dedicated to managing devices Mobisat® FIND. Available for all major stores (Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store), FIND exclusive to Vodafone Automotive.

Thanks to FIND, you'll be able to know where your car, motorbike and loved ones are at all times. The App allows interaction with the device by performing satellite tracking requests in real time. Numerous features offered, such as a data archive history that can be accessed directly on the map.

Usage FIND requires one or more devices FIND. You can then download the App (visit the download section above) and connect one or several product units to your account.

FIND is an exclusive for Vodafone Automotive. It is marketed with a sim card and 2 years subscription included (renewable annually at the end of the first two year period).

FIND available for Smartphone devices from leading stores (Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store) as well as for tablet devices: Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy.


  • Safety tracker
  • Anti-theft for valuable equipment
  • Tracking of valuable shipments
  • Sports
  • Anti-theft system for vehicles
  • Tracking of groups of people
  • Applied to pets and animals
  • Professional or personal investigation

  • Real-time tracking via SMS
  • Route history
  • Position reports
  • Fleet management
  • Automated detection of starts & stops

FIND available for Smartphone and Tablet devices (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy).


FIND Android

FIND Windows