Installing a satellite system has by now become a "trivial" operation if it occurs during the process of buying a new car. The advantages for the customer are many. Thanks to the solution MOBISAT® there are also multiple benefits for car dealers allowing for a strong link to be established between the customer and the dealer at which the car was purchased.

In the past, during buying and selling transactions for new cars, the car dealer salesperson might suggest the installation of a satellite alarm in order to:

  • generate additional revenue
  • offering customers a system that would allow them to save on their car insurance while providing protection for the customer's investment from the potential risk of theft

Today this scenario has changed dramatically:

  • increasingly sophisticated customers are no longer content with standard products offered with their insurance policy
  • thanks to new technologies, car theft has decreased over time, along with the need for a burglar alarm
  • the downward price war waged by insurance companies no longer allows for high margins from the sale of satellite / car insurance products

The good news

  • the concept of "embedded telematics" is increasingly popular and available technologies allow us to offer services that were deemed impossible not too long ago
  • The focus on the combination of insurance product and satellite system is shifting from theft to civil liability thus fully opening markets to explore
  • today, the car dealer can use satellite technology to generate profits on innovative services, as well as being extremely attractive for customers, allowing for an intensified relationship that often (despite all efforts) ends upon delivery of the vehicle's keys


Mobisat® has developed a work environment that allows the immense potential of satellite technology to be harnessed in order to provide next-generation services, both for customers (even the most demanding) and car dealers.

The "Dealer Station" allows for:

  • The management of the storeroom
  • Theinstallation of the satellite system
  • The management of privacy. When buying, the customer can decide (by signing the privacy form generated by the software) whether to authorize the Dealer to receive "non-sensitive data," such as KM travelled by vehicles, theft alarms, electronic mishaps that allow the dealer to enact an "intelligent recall" service such as, for instance, reminding customers to come in for regular servicing
  • The testing of satellite systems (performed by the software and therefore with no possibility of generating errors)
  • Integration with the Insurance policy (where offered)
  • The management of theft. Based on these settings, any thefts are reported to the customer or the designated control center
  • The certification of each installation. At the end of each testing phase, both the customer and dealer receive an email with a PDF certificate (with the dealer's logo and header), and all data related to the customer, vehicle, satellite system installed and quality controls
  • The registration of the vehicle to services Mobisat® GREENBOX. the customer receives an email notification with the access data generated by the software. Access provides the customer with hundreds of easy to use intuitive and innovative location services

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The offer for car dealers includes:

  • Vehicle satellite system chosen from the products Mobisat®
  • Possibility for customers to manage satellite systems via the APP Mobisat® GREENBOX
  • Dealer Station - a 'web' software for Dealers that helps manage installation, testing and certification processes for satellite systems installed
  • Mobisat® Callback - a 'web' software for the automation of "smart recalls" based on the information received from the satellite systems (km travelled, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, a host of others). The service allows you to "generate traffic" to your business, automating the forwarding of personalized notifications (emails or SMS) to remind customers to come in for servicing and maintenance