MOBISAT® invents the first independent and dedicated solution for vehicle manufacturers providing advanced telematics and remote monitoring services. The solution allows car manufacturers to offer the latest generation of personalized, customizable services, without investing in infrastructure that would require costs and development time deemed ineffective for an increasingly demanding market.

La soluzione dedicata MOBISAT® per la Casa Automobilistica non è solamente tecnologica. Crediamo che la tecnologia da sola non possa offrire risposte concrete senza appoggiarsi ad una filosofia che la accompagni.

The frantic race to innovation entails the risk of painful failures. Often, in order to run, a good pair of shoes might be an insufficient tool.

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That's why relying on a partner who not only has the right skills, but also its very own visione, must be the first step towards innovation.

Industry studies claim that 1 out of 4 customers does not want to install a black box as they fear that their privacy will be violated and that the automaker (or insurance company) may use the data from the black-box to their advantage.

Yet this is a hot topic, and soon with the advent of the European positioning constellation (Galileo) the installation of a call-in device on vehicles will be mandatory.

The question is thus obvious but not trivial:
how can an automaker keep up with the times by adopting satellite technology, without running the risk of "cannibalizing" 25% of its market?

  • Firstly by leaving the total ownership and control of data with its customers
  • Working only with data that do not violate the customer's privacy, such as:
    • mileage
    • the signalling of malfunction messages
    • the reporting of a crash, theft, SOS

    These allow for «smart services», such as the automated recall of data received in real time by satellite systems:
    • when reaching the Km actually travelled by each vehicle
    • when the service message lights up (eg.)
    • etc.
  • Offering customers intelligent products with innovative marketing builders that allow the formulation of specific proposals in order to propose customers the most suitable vehicle based on their driving habits
  • Offering customized Smartphone applications (with the car home brand) allowing customers total remote control of the vehicle, thus giving everyone the impression that they're constantly carrying their car in their pocket

In addition to generating traffic at stores and creating customer loyalty, satellite technology can offer hundreds of attractive and creative services, both for end customers and for the car and home market.

It's fun to be able to do what seemed impossible
Walt Disney

The car and home offer is comprehensive and includes:

  • Satellite system (OBDII) Mobisat® A.T.L.A.S.
  • Development and customization (rebranding, logos, colours, dedicated functionalities) on a user App for both PC and Smartphone in style with the APP Mobisat® GREENBOX
  • Dealer Station - a 'web' software for Dealers that helps manage installation, testing and certification processes for satellite systems installed
  • Web services - For automating data integration flows and processes in your CRM
  • Mobisat® Callback - a 'web' software for automating "smart recalls" based on information received from satellite systems (km travelled, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and a host of others). The service allows you to forward push notifications (similar to WhatsApp messages) to Smartphone users who have installed the App
  • Remote Diagnostics - a 'web' software that allows for remote vehicle diagnostics in real time. The software lets you decide which errors to manage (over 4000) and what actions to take for each possible error
  • Social Viral Marketing - Via PC and Smartphone applications customers can share information on major social networks (such as routes on their trips, positions or their Green Driver score). This generates spontaneous viral marketing to the customer's friends