M102PRO is a GPS protection and tracking system, small, powerful and versatile (suitable for any vehicles and objects). M102PRO has been out of production since 2011.

GPS Tracker M102 PRO is a latest-generation GPS tracking system. It allows you to track any remote object (vehicles, shipments, etc.) by displaying its position directly on your mobile phone via the dedicated mobile App.



  • Security tracker
  • Anti-theft system for valuable equipment
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Sports
  • Vehicles anti-theft system
  • Applied on animals

  • Real-time tracking via SMS
  • Vehicles anti-theft system
  • Geo-fence
  • Speed event
  • Low battery event
  • SOS button
  • Anti-shock sensor
  • Authorized numbers
  • Auto tracking
  • Environmental listening
  • Tri-Band GSM/GPRS Device (900/1800/1900MHz)
  • GPS Chip type Sirfstar III with 20 parallel channels
  • GSM module: simcom 900
  • Shake Sensor
  • ARM7 CPU Inside
  • Micro SD Memory Card Slot
  • Emergency button: SOS button
  • Time to First Fix (TTFF) Response time: HOT: 1 sec., WARM: 35sec., COLD: 45sec
  • Accuracy: 5 meters
  • Internal GSM and GPRS Antenna
  • Internal Active GPS Antenna
  • Max battery life: 48 hours in standby
  • Weight: 50g
  • Size: 44x63x24, 5mm

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Supports Greenbox