You can buy Mobisat® products directly from MOBISAT STORE, or if you prefer you can TALK TO US.

TICKET SERVICE (free for life)

  • Visit this page: Support
  • If you have an account login with your credentials. Alternatively, you will need to sign up or login with your social account
  • Create a new Ticket by filling in all the necessary fields

To speed up the support process, provide as much information as you can:

  • Product Imei
  • Your telephone number (we might call you if we need to get in touch with you)
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the issue

Usually, we will get in touch within 24 hours of opening the ticket. If a MOBISAT® specialist is not available in your country, support will be provided in English.


PHONE ASSISTANCE (charged service)

To talk to a mobisat technician, you can use the charged for service accessible from this page.

In case of theft, call the police and use the Greenbox App to provide the position of your car (or any vehicle) in real time. If you can provide the real time location of a stolen item, the police will act immediately (upon availability of staff).

In the event of a car accident, call 112 or 118, providing the location of your vehicle so that the rescue services can quickly get to the exact accident location. If your device supports the VCDR functionality, you will be able to show the video to the authorities and/or the insurance company thus demonstrating your responsibility.

Certainly! Just let your insurer know that in your vehicle you have installed a telematic black-box and a GPS/GNSS anti-theft device

MOBISAT® products can be easily installed by any car mechanic, (even better if it is your trusted mechanic). You will find detailed installation instructions in the product manual. Usually, to install a MOBISAT® device it is enough to provide power to the device.