Ordinarily, Mobisat products are offered by insurance companies, car manufacturers or official distributors. To find the distributor nearest you, contact us specifying your home address, a telephone contact number and the product that interests you.

Mobisat products require a SIM card to send information, such as geographical coordinates, for example.

N.B.: the costs generated by the phone card are your responsibility. Check with your service provider about the rates charged for sending SMS and surf the internet with the SIM installed in your Mobisat product®.

You can use any SIM card (voice or M2M). If you want to use the APP Mobisat® GREENBOX your SIM must be able to connect to the Internet.

More information on the SIM to be used can be found in the instruction manual of your Mobisat product®.

  • Visit page: Support
  • If you have an account log in with your credentials. Alternatively, you will need to register or log in with your social profile
  • Create a new Ticket and fill out all the required fields

For faster service, please provide all the data in your possession:

  • Product IMEI
  • the number of the SIM inserted on board the product
  • your access info for the GREENBOX App
  • your telephone number (in case tech support needs to contact you)
  • the more details possible on the problems you're having

Usually tech support is provided within 48 hours from the issuance of a ticket, by a Mobisat® specialist in your country of residence (alternatively support is provided in English).

In the event of a theft, call the police and provide the location of your car (or motorcycle, etc.), in real time. If you are able to provide real-time information about the position of the stolen object, the police are required to take action (subject to immediate availability of staff).

Of course! Simply indicate (when taking out an insurance policy) that you possess a Mobisat Satellite Alarm®.

Some Mobisat® distributors sell their services (insurance, telematics, security, etc.) using our products with telephone cards (SIM) registered directly to the distributor. In this case the fee you are paying includes the telephone traffic management service. Note: For more information on fees please contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product.

Mobisat® products can be easily installed by any auto electrician (preferably your trusted auto electrician). You'll find detailed instructions on the installation of your product in the User Manual. Normally you simply need to power on the satellite device. For custom installations, if you feel it's necessary, you can use our consulting service where we can provide you (or your installer) instructions by telephone.

To reserve our consulting service visit this page.